Daniel Coby Whitmore

I am a half Swedish half American art director/designer based in Stockholm Sweden. My personal brand is strongly influenced by the art of my grandfather and the iconic period in American advertising he represents. I graduated from the Art Director’s program at Berghs School of Communication in the spring of 2014. In the 2 years prior to attending Berghs I worked for two agencies assisting in various creative positions. Post graduation I have been working as a freelance art director and designer with a focus on branding and marketing start up companies.


In the interest of brevity simply insert the standard text about creatives eating, sleeping and breathing design, branding, blah blah blah… The real me enjoys socialising, gaming, watching sports and films. When I tire of films I resort to watching junk on Netflix and when my dog Francis thinks I’ve spent enough time on these diversions he takes me for a walk. I like skiing, a pursuit which has been a big part of my life.


Feel free to contact me or my dog anytime.



Call: +46 762 850 26

Mail: hi@coburnwhitmore.com


My dog

Instagram: @hello.im.francis






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